What we do

SSMECT(R) is having a great vision with highly qualified people harness the support, to the Mentally retarded and downtrodden children's, Physically Disabled, Old age people, Senior citizen welfare and well support free education, Rural Development Projects, Free Mobile Health Services to Urban and Rural Poor Section of Population, etc...

Though we are NGOs organizations, we are cope up with needy people and we are reaching rest of the regions to support them in their struggle to access their Rights to Food, Shelter, Education, Medical Support and Human activities and helping them have their voice in the society affecting their Education and Livelihood.

We work with the people without secularism to support them as right human being in the society. The way we are socialize and supporting Education service to the deprived Children will bring them strength and self Motive in the society. "One's confidence defines His capacity" Service never can be stopped at one end; it's always comprehensive to extend Rural Development Project service, conducting awareness camps, Mobile Healthcare service, old age support and services.

Our focal point is on people in which vulnerable situations people living with chronic starvation, sick health, Children out of education, urban homeless people, Persons with mental and physical disability, displaced people, chaos senior people, and Mobile service Campaign.



Rehabilitation Center for Mentally Retarded Children

Rehabilitation Center for Physically Handicap Children

General Primary School for Normal Children

Old age Home

Baby Creeches

Computer Center

Mobile Health Service

EGS Center